Flying Finn Angels

Corenvest - Flying Finn Angels (FFA) welcomes entrepreneurs primarily specializing in Health, Medtech, SportTech, Gaming, Mobility and Cybersecurity who are passionate about solving impossible challenges, collaborating, experimenting, failing, learning, succeeding, giving back but most of all who are coachable to submit their elevator pitch and improve their fundability.

  • Flying Finn Angels advocates Impact Investing as a way to demonstrate measurable impact and have a profitable business model.

  • Flying Finn Angels within Corenvest is a member of the European Business Angel Network (EBAN), Finnish Business Angels (FIBAN) and SBA (Sophia Business Angels).

  • Flying Finn Angels is Jyväskylä's first Women Business Angel led Network. It was founded in August 2023 by Audra, Ella, Henna and Nina.

  • It provides both mentorship and capital to high-potential, innovative Jyväskylä entrepreneurs from the seed stage.

  • Through the support and mentorship provided by its Angel Members all of whom are established businesswomen or Business Angels.

  • Flying Finn Angels has established several partnerships to support the development of entrepreneurship in Finland and beyond.

  • The FFA network within Corenvest is open to entrepreneurs and angel investors based in Lahti, Kuopio, Oulu and around the Jyväskylä region in order to reinforce the entrepreneurial ecosystem and to share common values and impact in the areas of Health/Wellbeing, Sport, Mobility and Cybersecurity.

  • Selection criteria: The team's potential and its knowledge of the market or markets, the business model efficiency, the presentation of a realistic over three year business plan, and a need for funds in line with the business angels' capabilities (early stage funding is usually between 50 and 500K€).

  • Average ticket investment: 50 000-400 0000 euros (double if co- investment with other peers)

  • A Jyväskylä-based network that intends to support the creation of young innovative companies and individual entrepreneurs. It capitalizes on the managerial, scientific and technological know-how accumulated by members.

  • It creates a fruitful synergy where groups of professionals ready to support young entrepreneurs pro bono through expertise, experience, and skills, as well as through their personal networks.

  • These groups are considered as potential business angels capable to assist and encourage the creation and development of new innovative companies that Finland needs within the Jyväskylä region.

Flying Finn Angels is:

a small, intimate group without any formal structure.

The cultural attributes of the network are based on:

⁄ Intimacy

⁄ Learning environment

⁄ Social

⁄ Networking

⁄ Experience sharing

 ⁄ Pure investment

⁄ Safe environment

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