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About us

Welcome to Corenvest Oy, where our goal is to help our customers succeed in their business ventures. Our company specializes in angel and investor networking, professional development and coaching for management, business processes, and strategy. We are dedicated to investing in coachable teams and businesses that have the potential for international scalability. At Corenvest Oy, we understand the challenges and complexities that come with running a business.

Our services

As businesses strive to stay ahead in today's competitive market, it has become increasingly important to have supportive networks around and effective management processes & strategies in place. This is where Corenvest Oy comes in – a company dedicated to helping businesses succeed through funding, networking, professional development and coaching services. At Corenvest Oy, we understand the importance of having a well-trained and motivated team. That's why we specialize in providing coaching services to businesses, helping them to develop the skills and knowledge of their employees. But we see also funding and networks as an important element of success. That's why we are building a strong network and have just established an important female-led angel network - Flying Finn Angels - which has founded by three Lady Angels - Audra, Nina and Ella - on August 2023.

Business process development: Corenvest Oy offers professional guidance and support in improving and streamlining business processes for increased efficiency and effectiveness.

Business process development is a crucial aspect of any organization's growth and success. As markets and industries evolve, it is essential for businesses to continuously assess and improve their processes to stay competitive and meet the ever-changing needs of their customers. This is where Corenvest Oy comes in. Corenvest Oy is an angel sydicate and a professional business developer. We offer professional guidance and support to businesses of all sizes in improving and streamlining their processes. One approach to continuous development is to offer professional members to the companies boards of directors. We provide this service to our network investors portfolio companies as well.

Strategy coaching: The company provides personalized coaching and feedback to help businesses and teams develop effective strategies for growth and success.

Strategy coaching is a professional service offered by Corenvest to help businesses and teams develop effective strategies for growth and success. Through personalized coaching and feedback, the company works closely with its clients and portfolio companies to understand their specific goals and challenges. The experienced coaches use their expertise and knowledge to guide the clients in creating a clear and actionable plan that aligns with their objectives. This may involve analyzing the current strategies, identifying areas for improvement, and implementing new approaches. The coaching sessions also aim to make companies more ready to communicate with the investors and other stakeholders. Pitch coaching is in a core of this communication. 


Corenvest Oy has invested in more than 20 companies and done more than 10 exits. The industries we have invested: Medical Tech, Health/Wellness/Sports, Electric mobility, Fintech, IT/AI, Cyber Security, Robotix and Food Tech.

Corenvest launched a female-led network Flying Finn Angels which lies under the gender lens investing framework as one of our women-led initiatives. It was co-founderd by Audra Shallal, Nina Rautianen and Ella Suominen in August 2023. In addition to this, our company is a member in several Angel Networks: FIBAN (Fin), Sophia Business Angels (Fra) and EBAN (pan-European) and in an angel founded investment fund, Spintop Ventures (Swe).

We invest in companies with a strong IPR and coachable growth teams. 


Corenvest Oy

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Member of  FIBAN, EBAN, Sophia Business Angels & Flying Finn Angels